Three Ideas to Retire in 2014


Traditional publishing is dead. Arguments for this are sounding a bit long in the tooth. Large publishing companies initially had some trouble producing ebooks and responding to other changes in publishing because it takes a minute to turn an ┬átrain around. For the most part, they’ve figured it out. The piece that was missing from to the logic of the dying big publishing argument is that some very smart and talented people work in publishing. It was just a matter of time before they figured it out. Sorry, indie authors, you don’t get to rule the world. Blog posts exposing the horrible contracts from big companies or rants about keeping all the money for yourself feel very 2011.

The end of the world is nigh! The situation looked promising for a moment in Dec of 2012 but the Mayan predictions proved false. Anyone planning an end-of-the-world campaign for 2014 can probably just skip it. Stories about this are also wearing a little thin. Is there a way to conceive of a future where at least one good thing happens? Or at least one without zombies?

People don’t read anymore. Yes they do. They absolutely do. Stop saying this. Just stop it!

Kate’s 2014 Predictions


1. Pope Francis will allow dogs into heaven. Except the yappy ones.

2. People will continue to consume coffee and talk about it on Facebook and Twitter as though their enjoyment of this beverage in some way makes them special. They will continue to do this even though it annoys me.

3. There will be weather. I will complain about it unless the temperature is exactly 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Hover cars


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