5 Existentialist Tips for Writers


1. Existence is absurd. Life has no meaning. Write accordingly.

2. Only freedom of choice can allow one to escape nausea. By all means necessary, avoid writing that causes nausea.

3.  Humanity alone exists; objects simply are.  Verbs should reflect this no matter what others say.

4. Others will judge you or deny your existence. Don’t take it personally.

4. Take a stand.  Incite readers to action.

Benjamin Kane Ethridge Says:

“With CANDY HOUSE, Kate Jonez has created a mesmerizing and downright diabolical spectacle. There are enough luscious, disturbing images and wild ideas to send your mind reeling for days after finishing. Highly recommended!”

— Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of BLACK & ORANGE


S.P. Miskowski Says:


“Science and magic dance a sly tango in this sublime debut novel by Kate Jonez. Hesperia is charged with preventing her neighbor, a young genius named Roland, from proving a theory with the potential to destroy the influence of witchcraft on humanity. From this premise Jonez has created a world of sensual and supernatural wonders. Her characters, both human and magical, are remarkably sympathetic. They hold our attention from the first to the last page, and linger in the imagination for a long time after, thanks to the descriptive beauty of her prose.”

— S.P. Miskowski, Shirley Jackson Award nominated author of Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd 

Paul Tremblay Says:

“Think Rob Zombie meets John Waters meets—I’m not quite sure what, but Kate Jonez’s CANDY HOUSE is a whacked-out, twisted, and original tale of family, obsession, and not-so-neighborly witches. A promising debut!”

— Paul Tremblay, author of THE LITTLE SLEEP

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